Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Understanding Dynamics AX Consulting Services

A robust ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX or the Dynamics 365 Enterprise’s Operations Module combines industry standard, brand specific functionalities, and core enterprise management features into one powerful resource planning tool. It is designed to empower companies and organizations to meet the needs and challenges of their ever-changing industries while taking advantage of different profitable business opportunities along the way. Albeit adopted by many organizations since its inception, many remain unfamiliar with its robust features and benefits. Below are some commonly asked questions about Dynamics AX and Dynamics AX consulting services:

•Can Dynamics AX be deployed as a cloud-based tool? Users can choose to deploy the operations module on premise, or they can also use it in cloud. The open REST API ensures Dynamix AX’s compatibility with different business applications.

•Who can use Dynamics AX? Microsoft makes the system available in multiple languages. Additionally, it is designed to work with various currencies, making it suitable for most, if not all organizations. 

•How steep is the learning curve for its use? Dynamics AX has an incredibly user-friendly interface, making it very easy to navigate. Its outstanding flexibility makes it popular among different companies. Customization is also possible, for which you may want to get a reliable support team on board to help you maximize the use of the different features of the system. 

•What can a Dynamics AX consultant do for my business? Consulting services have deep understanding of Dynamics and related products, thus helping you achieve your business objectives through the use of technologically advanced and mutually beneficial tools that grow with your business and operations. 

•When do I need Dynamics AX consulting? Get a consultant onboard when deciding whether Dynamics AX is the best solution for your business and industry sector or when looking for a reliable partner to help you produce your desired results as you implement the system.

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