Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Emphasizing the Importance of SharePoint Customization

Managing a business or an organization is not easy, especially when considering all the different elements that need to work together, from the business structure to your people, business costs, profits, growth points, sales, documents, legal aspects, relationships, customers, and every other important element that makes up a good business. SharePoint is one of the most widely used collaboration platforms for different types of enterprises, developed to make it easier for organizations and teams to work together towards their goals.

There are several other collaboration platforms available in the market, but the thing that sets SharePoint apart from these tools its ability to accept modification and customization as per a business' requirements. Customizing your SharePoint platform allows you to adjust the program's features and functions according to the very needs of your organization and its specific departments, creating a working environment that guarantees operational success.

In addition to customization, SharePoint also offers a long list of advantages, among which is being user-friendly. It is one of the easiest collaboration platforms to use, even for users who are not tech or internet-savvy. Navigating SharePoint is just as easy as navigating any other Microsoft-based program. Customization benefits also add to its ease of use, allowing users to set-up their workspaces as they please with only a few clicks. Being a Microsoft product, it is also a lot easier to integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft Office as well as Windows programs. Transferring files as well as converting them to different Windows formats are seamless, and do not require purchasing additional software or tools for integration.

Hiring a professional firm to customize your SharePoint platform also gives you access to good technical support services, which allows you to address all kinds of technical problems as they occur, reducing downtime as you perform business.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How SharePoint Branding Services Can be Helpful

SharePoint design and branding services can be very beneficial to businesses. In addition to improving usability, adoption, and user-experience, many other benefits stem from effective implementation of SharePoint branding. Users and consumers interact better with well-designed consumer software. In a world run by technological devices which people use on a daily, hourly, even minutely basis, they also expect the same quality and type of user interfaces and interactions when it comes to their work-based applications.

With the use of a wide range of styles and designs, SharePoint designers and service providers are able to transform even the most generic interfaces into unique, branded solutions that reflect and convey business and corporate identity, while resembling popular and easy to use consumer interfaces. This way, end users will have an easier time to adopt and use your solution while being exposed to and immersed in your brand's identity.

SharePoint designs also help increase productivity, thanks to the value of familiarity. Systems that are difficult to figure out and use or slow to respond may frustrate users and lessen or limit their productivity. With the right processes, usability testing, and advanced design techniques, SharePoint designers can guarantee that the end result is a system that provides clear, consistent, and productive user experience.

End users look for systems that they can use efficiently, will not take all their time during the learning curve, and increase their productivity. SharePoint allows users to get all these benefits, all while strengthening your brand. If you are interested in using SharePoint for your custom application design development, contact service providers that specialize in these platforms to make sure you get the best benefits of high-quality software development and custom tools for your business. Choose a company that offers years of experience in the industry to make sure you is getting the quality of service you deserve.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

SharePoint Customization

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise grade, collaborative and customizable web application that makes an incredible platform for running corporate intranets. This said, the customizable program can also be used for other tasks such as document management, ticketing systems, data warehousing, and even custom database storage. It is both a full-featured website application and a development platform that can be integrated with different kinds of system almost seamlessly, with sites and systems up and running in less than a day.

The program is simple enough to be used by anyone with a good technical background. However, it is still more practical to hire a consultant or a professional to help you get the application running smoothly and even customize the program according to your organizational and operational needs. The program has a wide range of services as well as configuration options that may be difficult to troubleshoot if you don't have the right skills and expertise.

SharePoint is often used in collaboration with other programs and applications, like co-authoring with Word and PowerPoint, for easier sharing with team members, as well as improved calendaring in group calendars. Newer features even allow workspace sharing in between libraries and SharePoint sites and synchronization with the rest of the corporate network.

A highly customizable platform, SharePoint also allows full customization of management tools, accessibility, localization options, and many other elements. If you want to give your business the edge that it needs to get ahead in the race, consider customizable applications and software programs like SharePoint over your off the shelf alternatives. With a growing business like yours, you need tools and strategies that will help you stand out. Off the shelf programs may be pulling you behind and hindering you from reaching the full potential of your business.

Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Hire SharePoint Branding Services

The main role of a SharePoint developer is to solve business problems. When looking for SharePoint branding services, choose a company whose focus is on meeting the needs of your business. SharePoint development strategies and methods can generally be divided into three tiers. While some companies may specialize in first-tier (web interface and client software development), you want a provider that has ample knowledge of all stages of SharePoint Development to make sure that they can cater to all your business' needs.

First-tier SharePoint development largely focuses on web interface and client software development. They use web interface to create taxonomies for business objects, installs and configures applications and solutions, create user experiences using pre-made scripts and web parts, builds information panels, and so on.

Middle-tier SharePoint development uses more specialized tools along with various scripting and markup strategies in order to develop solutions. It is concerned with script development, which makes products more flexible and customizable. When hiring SharePoint branding services, look for a company that offers this level of skills in order to generate business-specific solutions.

Third tier SharePoint development is mainly focused on creating WSP solution files and managing code solutions using various advanced tools. While these three tiers are not mutually exclusive, experienced SharePoint developers and service providers know when to utilize each tier when required. For instance, a middle-tier developer may create a prototype for solution taxonomy prior to building a web part to display/manage that particular taxonomy, while a first tier developer may utilize SharePoint Designer to create or modify scripts and style sheets to build sites. Just the same, third tier developers often start projects by prototyping the program/solution in the first tier. Find a service provider that offers expertise in all stages of development to make the task easier and ensure a well-rounded final product.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Why customers should have an option of interviewing candidates over video or Skype before they engage with the vendor in offshoring?

Gone are the days where offshoring was seen just as a cost saving measure. More and more companies have started to realize the benefits that offshoring can offer them and have continued to invest in offshoring.  Companies realize the importance of offshoring in meeting their deadlines, which seemed a strenuous task previously as they had to depend on their in house developers for all their development works. With offshoring, they have a set of additional developers who can work as an extended development team of their own and the fact that offshore developers work round the clock only benefits them even more.

Though more companies have started investing in offshoring, there are still a lot of companies who are still skeptical about offshoring, more so because they come across a lot of companies offering offshore software development and also due to their past bad experiences.

It is important for both the client and the offshore vendor to build the trust between them even before beginning to work and this is where technologies like video conferencing helps the cause. It is very important that the client has a few video conversations with the vendor even before starting off with any work. It helps break the ice initially and creates a healthy environment. Also gives the client a better understanding of the vendor, helps in understanding the skills and communication of the offshore developers.

It gives the client the much needed confidence and the trust in the offshore vendor. In most cases, candidates/ developers are being hired just by their resumes and on the word given by the offshore vendor, which isn’t bad but it’s not as good as interacting with the candidate in person. At the same time it is not feasible to arrange a face to face interaction between the client and the candidates and this is where video conferencing facilities like Skype and other applications come into play. Candidates could be interviewed by the client through video calls which gives them a better understanding of the developers. It serves as a proactive measure to spot issues, if any, earlier rather than taking reactive actions after something has happened during the development stages.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

The advantages of having an offshore software development company in India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a stable IT industry. The flourishing IT industry in Indian economy makes it a perfect destination to expand your global business and its operations. Setting up an offshore software development company in India is comparitively simple and it involves a lesser budget due to lower rental space, IT asset prices, and manpower. Though perfect planning is crucial when it comes to setting up an offshore software development company in India.

The outsourcing companies you choose as your offshore software development service provider must have vast industry experience and sound product knowledge. Look for the online software development service providers in India to learn in detail about the complexities involved in setting up offshore software development companies in India. These consulting companies not only offer you perfect consultation, but they also help you in establishing and maintaining an offshore company with maximum professionalism.