Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Hire SharePoint Branding Services

The main role of a SharePoint developer is to solve business problems. When looking for SharePoint branding services, choose a company whose focus is on meeting the needs of your business. SharePoint development strategies and methods can generally be divided into three tiers. While some companies may specialize in first-tier (web interface and client software development), you want a provider that has ample knowledge of all stages of SharePoint Development to make sure that they can cater to all your business' needs.

First-tier SharePoint development largely focuses on web interface and client software development. They use web interface to create taxonomies for business objects, installs and configures applications and solutions, create user experiences using pre-made scripts and web parts, builds information panels, and so on.

Middle-tier SharePoint development uses more specialized tools along with various scripting and markup strategies in order to develop solutions. It is concerned with script development, which makes products more flexible and customizable. When hiring SharePoint branding services, look for a company that offers this level of skills in order to generate business-specific solutions.

Third tier SharePoint development is mainly focused on creating WSP solution files and managing code solutions using various advanced tools. While these three tiers are not mutually exclusive, experienced SharePoint developers and service providers know when to utilize each tier when required. For instance, a middle-tier developer may create a prototype for solution taxonomy prior to building a web part to display/manage that particular taxonomy, while a first tier developer may utilize SharePoint Designer to create or modify scripts and style sheets to build sites. Just the same, third tier developers often start projects by prototyping the program/solution in the first tier. Find a service provider that offers expertise in all stages of development to make the task easier and ensure a well-rounded final product.

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