Friday, 15 July 2016

Things to Remember When Choosing a Data Warehouse Consultant

Data warehousing is an important aspect of a business intelligence solution, so it needs to be created with careful consideration to the needs of your business. A data warehouse must be able to tailor your operations and flexible to grow as you grow, too. Data comes from many different disparate sources in various formats, so it makes sense to have a data warehouse consultant to work with you. A data warehouse consultant is an expert who has a thorough understanding and the experience to work with source systems. Hence, this professional is able to provide effective and faster data warehouse development solutions. Here are things to remember while choosing a data warehouse consultant:

•Explore the qualifications of the consultant – Look up the data warehouse consultant to verify his or her background, experience, technical skills, and qualifications in building scalable data warehouses for various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, social networks, and higher education. Consider a consultant that has previous experience in helping a company that is similar to yours.

•Look for consultants with years of experience in creating large and complex data warehouses. Experience is a great teacher and helps develop expertise in data analysis, database administration, data modeling, OLAP technologies, and ETL tools.

•Consider outsourcing the data warehouse consultant – Pick a consultant that has at least two decades of offshoring experience. Consider someone who comes from a lean organization, with a high customer retention rate.

•Pick a team player – Seasoned data warehouse consultants can provide BI resources, both offshore or onsite to work with your own team. Make sure they can address the needs of your department or team, too.

•Explore the services they offer – Be sure to choose data warehouse consultants who can define and analyze the data requirements of your business and provide intelligent ways to integrate data using ETL tools. Consider experts with the analytical skills to find the right data solution for answering queries from users.

•Look for a reliable consultant – Look for someone who will not merely design and develop the data warehouse platform, but will provide operation and support for the data warehouse, too.

•Ensure transparent communication – Choose consultants that are transparent with their data warehouse plans for your business. Data warehouse consultants must be easy to reach and talk to. That way, should any issues or concerns arise, you can easily contact them, and they can provide an immediate solution. 

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