Thursday, 7 January 2016

Top 10 Tips for Selecting an Offshore SharePoint Consultant

Seeking the help of a SharePoint consultant is a wise move for any organization that wishes to maximize the potential of the platform for their company. However, before you embark on your search for a good firm to work with, it is critical that you first evaluate the needs, goals, and priorities of your business. This way, you can make better decisions when it comes to SharePoint development and management of your business' web and IT assets. Here are some things you should remember when outsourcing SharePoint services:

  • Examine the company's SharePoint consulting experience. An experienced company will bring you the expertise and introduce you to the best practices you need to know about, based on years of experience in implementing SharePoint across different industries.
  • Know the types of clients they cater to. Make sure that they have experience and ample expertise in your niche or have worked with similar clients to ensure domain experience.
  • Take a look at case studies by visiting their previous project sites. Look into project profiles to assess their capabilities and the types of work they have successfully handled in the past.
  • Choose a company that values quality assurance and ensures close collaboration to ensure compliance with standards and IT policies.
  • Delve into their delivery model to make sure you can rely on deliverables when you need them.
  • Find a company that is certified Microsoft Technology Partners to ensure expertise, experience, and competency in developing SharePoint sites and applications.
  • Make sure that the country you outsource to has favorable IT policies and stringent standards.
  • Opt for a company that maintains open lines of communication to ensure smooth transitions through different stages of the project.
  • Check out reviews and ratings to ensure the quality of their work; and
  • Evaluate the pilot phase of the project before deciding to invest more on their services.

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