Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to Hire the Best Offshore Software Development Company

Hiring an off-shore development company is a good way to keep development costs down and ensure focused project management that leads to timely product delivery. With the great number of off-shore companies vying for your business, here are some things you should remember to ensure the success of your software development project:

  • Don't be blind folded by names of big brands or companies. While they do have a good track record, they also tend to charge higher. A better approach would be to find a firm that has a decent portfolio of consumers, including similar types of businesses as yours. This will give you a good knowledge of the kind of service they can provide you. 
  • Choose a developer with experience and expertize in various programming languages and platforms. Try to find a firm that has expertize in innovations and technologies that you want your application to be established with.
  • Find a firm with ample developers to handle your software requirements. One of the greatest benefits of hiring an offshore firm to handle software development for your organization is the fact that they have access not only to the best technologies, but the best skill set to ensure the success of your project. However, you should make sure that the company you choose to work with has the right staffing size for the type of project you have on hand.
  • Ask for project tracking tools that will help you make sure that the software company is putting in the right hours and amount of work into your project development. The best off shore companies provide their clients with this kind of liberty, thus building stronger relationships with their clients.
  • Ask about product ownership. Ideally, you should own the created/resulting source code and other related developments that emerge from establishing the final product. Ask for a complimentary royalty license that will enable you to use the code and continue development even with a different developer.

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