Thursday, 12 March 2015

Choose The Best Dedicated offshore software development company

Because of lower labour costs and high-quality service, many companies today choose to outsource their software development processes to near offshore firms. Outsourcing also provides access to talent outside the country, the chance to possibly enter a new market, and ultimately leverage better opportunities. That said, choosing a dedicated and reliable offshore development company is no easy task. Here are factors to look into:

1.  Experience in your industry

Has the company worked with clients that are in the same niche or at least in the same country where your business is? The key is to find a developer who is aware of your market as well as the business culture in your country. This will make day to day work infinitely easier.

2. Communication skills

Communication is essential in choosing an offshore software company. Are you prepared to work with people operating in a different time zone than you? Are you prepared to deal with language barriers? To lessen issues, choose a company that can provide you an account manager who speaks your language very well, and who will be available to take your call during your working hours.

3. References

Don’t simply listen to hearsay. You want to check if the company has indeed completed the projects they claim to have completed. Check their references and contact their previous clients. Ask about the firm’s reliability, work ethic, and ability to meet expected deadlines.  Talk to previous clients directly and inquire about the quality of products and service provided by the offshore development team.

4. People

In the end, a business is all about its people. This is true for software developers as well. Before you sign any contracts, look at the company’s leadership. What values does management share? Look at their teams. Are they high-performing and motivated? Integrity and honesty  are two of the key  points you have to pay attention to when working with an offshore software developer. Technical talent is important, but so is the human relations aspect. Check the company’s social network pages to get a picture of the company’s culture, relationships between employees, and the general level of happiness in that organization.

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